The Project

Mayor Buckhorn is moving decisively with an economic development strategy that recognizes that our future as a vibrant, livable and sustainable community depends upon connecting People, redefining Places, and igniting Progress. In 2012, a nationally recognized planning team worked with the city and our community stakeholders and opinion leaders to develop a shared vision and give city leaders an implementable plan of action. These efforts produced broad-based community support for the InVision Tampa Center City Plan, the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor Master Plan and the West River Redevelopment Plan.  

The Outreach

The hallmark and strength of the InVision Tampa planning process has been the unprecedented involvement with our community. In 2012 we began by hosting a series of community knowledge exchanges and meetings, neighborhood charettes, and one-on-one dialogues to understand how Tampa's people and their lives are shaped by the land itself, the financial implications and long-term community effects in their communities. More than 2,000 people have participated in our traditional outreach efforts to date. We broadened engagement with I-town meetings and numerous online and social channels for greater outreach and to ensure input from various audiences, including traditionally marginalized communities.

We will continue to rely on our traditional face-to-face meetings and on-line social media channels to keep you informed and to seek additional input and ideas as we strive to implement the recommendations of the Center City Master Plan, the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor Plan and the West River Redevelopment Plan. Your participation was critical in the creation of these plans. And it is equally important in achieving the Vision.

Sign Up and Get Involved

Come in person or log on. From I-town hall meetings to social channels to the more traditional community and neighborhood meetings, we want to see, hear and learn from you.



Share Your Ideas at Our Virtual Town Hall Meetings

We need your thoughts, your ideas, your experiences and your voice. Just follow the link below and help us plan Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park.

What is Your Vision for Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park?


Project Updates

The Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park community design process kicks off in May 2014.

The West River Redevelopment was presented to the Tampa City Council in a workshop on January 30, 2014.

The InVision Tampa Center City Plan was approved by the Tampa City Council on December 19, 2013.

The Nebraska-Hillsborough Corridor Plan was presented on September 18, 2013.